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Pet Shammy

Cool 'N Dry for Pets is an extremely durable and hydrophilic sponge polymer towel. It literally loves water! Used wet, it cools your pet on a hot day or dries them off after a bath or sudden shower. Cool 'N Dry has a dimple texture on one side (for cooling) and a smooth surface on the reverse side (for drying). These are the same towels used by U.S. Olympic swimmers and divers. 

 Available in cool colors:  with handy storage tube - $14.00 each!

Missing Link

“Missing Link” reintroduces the essential nutrients important for optimum health and missing from commercial pet foods. It's formulated with natural, human grade, whole foods, carefully chosen for their nutrient profile and synergistic effects. Our unique blend of ingredients is cold processed and combines the benefits of naturally occurring Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids for healthy skin and coat and balanced energy levels; enzymes and probiotics (beneficial bacteria) to maintain normal digestion; fiber for bowel health; phytonutrients; and traces of various vitamins and minerals important for overall health and well-being.  

Gotta Get Away?

Sometimes we do ….. for vacation, for an emergency, you name it. For those of us with pets, their safety and well-being is an important part of the preparation. We’ve created a notepad on which you can write all the pertinent information (i.e. itinerary, phone numbers, feeding particulars, etc.), to leave with your pet sitter, your roommate, a doggy day-care, or kennel.    Fill out as much information as you can in advance and keep it handy. Your pets and their caregivers will thank you.  

Pad of 25 Sheets = $3.49